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Combine equal parts nostalgia and grit. Whisk furiously.

For Chef Barbara Lynch, an empty plate is an opportunity to tell a story. And with cooking as her chosen language, Barbara’s concepts tell the story of a life forever connected to her upbringing in South Boston’s projects. You are warmly welcomed to be a part of those stories, and to discover your own, through the enjoyment of food that makes you feel.


    Every story has a beginning


    the barbara lynch collective

    b&g copper-04.jpg

    Modern oyster bar in the South End

    “After a tough New England winter, there was nothing I craved more than the mineral tang of oysters and a crisp white wine. As a kid, I didn’t often get oysters without a drive to North Shore. I wanted to fill that void, to create a casual clam shack with fine-dining-style love and care.”

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    pig copper(2)-04.jpg

    Neighborhood wine bar and restaurant in the South End

    “In my first trip to Italy, I was inspired by this butchery at the top of a hill. It was a storefront, like a bodega, where a burly butcher would carve meat for the locals. I wanted to bring Italy to Boston with a restaurant, wine bar, and full-time butcher—all under one roof.”

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    drink copper-04.jpg

    Craft cocktail bar in Fort Point

    “I love the authenticity and camaraderie of dive bars, like the ones I used to hit in Southie. I wanted to offer a similar welcoming vibe, but elevated. Drink is a place where bartender-chefs give a damn about you, the layout sparks conversation, and the food never requires a fork.”

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    sportello logo pms large copper-02.jpg

    Modern fine dining in Fort Point

    “My mother and I used to walk past 354 Congress Street to get a Jordan Marsh blueberry muffin. Bringing Menton to that building was special to me. I wanted to honor my past with inspired Italian and French cuisine, flawless service, and an unparalleled wine program.”

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    sportello copper-01.jpg

    A modern interpretation of the classic diner through an Italian lens

    “Sportello was inspired by Brigham’s, a soda fountain my mom and I used to go to when I was a kid. The vanilla ice cream was to die for. With Sportello, I wanted the place to feel like a diner, but with the homey comforts of an Italian trattoria.”

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    Regionally inspired Italian and French in Beacon Hill

    “Opening No.9 Park was a statement moment my life. The kid from Southie had become a chef. I was determined to open a restaurant on historic Beacon Hill that would be elegant but welcoming, with intuitive service and sophisticated food. 20 years later, we’re still here. 

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    stir copper(2)-03.jpg

    Part demonstration kitchen, part cookbook store

    “Stir started out as a test kitchen combined with a cookbook store. But it has evolved into an intimate, 10-seat gathering place where chefs can teach from cookbooks and themes, and people can learn about the world through food, wine, and conversation."

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